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Cosmopolitan Virtual Makeover

Cosmopolitan Virtual Makeover
Cosmopolitan Virtual Makeover

SystemWindows 95/98

The Learning Company

Windows 95/98

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Release Date: 1/1/1998
Manufacturer: The Learning Company
Stop merely imagining that new hairstyle, color, adding highlights, or how that new makeup might look on you -- and make it happen! No one could possibly have enough time, money, or patience to explore all of their makeover options, right? Wrong! You can now bring the salon experience into the privacy of your own home with Cosmopolitan Virtual Makeover, a Hybrid CD-ROM for the PC and Macintosh platforms. It's like a salon in a box!

The first thing you need to do is transfer a color digital image of yourself (or anyone you feel needs a makeover) into your computer. You can do this in one of a number of ways, including using regular photos processed on disk or CD-ROM (instead of slides or prints), using a scanner or downloading images from a digital camera.

The image of the person you are going to makeover should be devoid of any makeup or jewelry, with hair pulled back tightly from the face. A range of image files can be used, including: JPEG, BMP, PICT, Kodak Picture Disk, Kodak Picture Disk Plus, Kodak Photo CD, or Kodak Flash Pix CD. The faces that you store in your system's hard drive will now become Virtual Makeover Models for your styling pleasure.

For any picture you have a number of options available to perform virtual magic. These include basic and styling options. The basics are: Load (choose a virtual model), Save (save your masterpieces with all your modifications), Options (select to select music type and view creator credits), Tips (beauty secrets and guidance from the editors of Cosmopolitan and others), Product Line (information on Cover Girl and Kodak products), Slide Show (show off your digital makeovers!), Preview (get a glimpse of your work before it is complete as the face of the model will appear in a larger portrait size. From here you can track the makeup you have chosen so far and print), Internet (automatically access the official Cosmopolitan Virtual Makeover website for updates and downloads), Quit, Clear All, and Help.

Styling options allow you to make detailed changes and modifications to your virtual model's faces, even men. Represented by icons on the right side of the screen, these include, Hairstyles (try over 150 styles, change hair length, color and more), Foundation & Cover-Up, Eyebrows (change color, shape, and thickness -- all without tweezers!), Highlights, Contacts (change eye color), Blush, Eye Shadow, Beauty Mark, and Lips (use lipstick and liners to find that special look).

You can also access color palettes, make custom colors, download new styles from the Internet, print, use a variety of brush sizes, camera zooms, and much more...

You look (virtually) fabulous!

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