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11th Hour (The)

11th Hour (The)
11th Hour (The)


Virgin Interactive


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Release Date: 1/1/1995
Manufacturer: Virgin Interactive
The 11th Hour is a 1995 puzzle computer game with a horror setting. It is the sequel to the 1992 game The 7th Guest. It was developed by Trilobyte and used a later version of the "Groovie" graphic engine than that used by The 7th Guest. Like its predecessor game, The 11th Hour features the music of George "The Fat Man" Sanger and Team Fat.

Overall, the game plays exactly like its predecessor with the same puzzle-based game play structure, but with the additional element of a treasure hunt and more graphic scenes.

The game takes place 60 years after the events of the first game. It is now 1995 and the player, as Carl Denning Jr., is an investigative reporter for the television series "Case Unsolved." Robin Morales, his producer and lover, has mysteriously vanished while gathering background information surrounding a series of grisly murders and disappearances in the otherwise quiet little town of Harley-on-the-Hudson. Denning's only solid lead is a portable computer called the Game Book which was delivered to him — postmarked Harley, NY. It may have been sent by Robin. Or perhaps it is the evil handiwork of Stauf himself, updating his craft to meet the demands of the '90s.

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