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Release Date: 1/1/1989
Manufacturer: Gold Disk
The High Performance Word Processor

These advanced features put TransScript into a class of its own. It's fast, easy to use and gives you professional looking documents every time.

  • HIGH PERFORMANCE - No matter how fast you type, TransScript keeps up, regardless of the size of your document.
  • EASY TO LEARN AND USE - Whethery you use the clearly designed pull-down menus and requestors or the efficient one-key commands, TransScript suits every level of word processing proficiency
  • CONVENIENT TEXT OPERATONS - All operations can be done with the keyboard or the mouse, and you can even define your own editing operations with programmable macros
  • THE IDEAL MULTITASKER - TransScript doesn't consume huge amounts of memory, and can run on the workbench screen or its own custom screen. It's fully multitasking, only using as much memory as is required for the current documents
  • ROBUST - The years of testing and refinement behind previous generations of this program ensure freedom from "crashes" or software failures.
  • WORKS DIRECTLY WITH PROFESSIONAL PAGE - TransScript has a built-in "hot link" to Professional Page and other Gold Disk desktop publishing programs. It also "understands" Professional Page's formatting codes.
  • FLUENT IN FILE FORMATS - TransScript can work with standard ASCII files, WordPerfect (version 4 or 5) files, or its own format. Convert between paragraph oriented and line oriented document types. Whatever the source of your text, TransScript can handle it.
Software was written by Chris Zamara and Nick Sullivan.
TransScript Floppy (3.5")
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