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Dragon's Lair: Escape from Singe's Castle

Dragon's Lair: Escape from Singe's Castle
Dragon's Lair: Escape from Singe's Castle

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Release Date: 1/1/1989
Manufacturer: Visionary
Dragon's Lair was a popular arcade game in 1983 (featuring incredible animation from Don Bluth). This version was done by Randy Linden, who programmed the original ground breaking Amiga version. Singe's Castle is actually a combination of screens that didn't make it into the original home computer plus some original material never before seen. One thing in particular that is very beautiful on this version is the burning ropes screen.

This one was published by Visionary, Ltd. (a division of Media Technology) instead of Readysoft.

Some of the specific Amiga features:

  • Installs on any hard drive for quick loading
  • Compatible with all 68000, 68010, and 68020 processors
  • Multitasks peacefully with any 1MB Amiga
  • New Burstloader technology loads 10 times faster
  • Three selectable skill levels
  • Room flipping option increases difficulty
  • Directional arrows guide you during game play
  • Saves and restores up to 5 previously played games
  • Links with the original Dragon's Lair for the ultimate playing experience
  • Now requires only 512k of RAM
  • Never the same game twice!
More information and the manual can be found here.
Dragon's Lair: Escape from Singe's Castle Floppy (3.5")
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