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Volkswriter Deluxe v2.1

Volkswriter Deluxe v2.1


Lifetree Software


Release Date: 1/1/1984
Manufacturer: Lifetree Software
Volkswriter was a 1980s-era word processor created and distributed by Lifetree Software, Inc.

Volkswriter was first published in 1982, and was the first word processor for the IBM PC Lifetree published versions of the software until May, 1989 when due to profitability problems, the Volkswriter product line was sold to some employees. The new company formed with the name Volkswriter Inc.

User Comments
Brian Layman on Monday, January 2, 2017
The best feature of Volkswriter was the power in its hotkey configuration, but easily the second best feature was its file format. Rather than an unreadable mess, you could look at the raw document and read its content. It wasn't the XML format we have centralized on today, but it was way better than the binary hodgepodge other word processors used.
Don Heflin (CalTrans Civil Engr.-Retired) on Wednesday, May 22, 2013
I was working for California's hwy contruction dept. when VW came out. My boss stuck with WORD PERFECT (crappy) and I even con'd to use it for MANY years whilst I compiled my family tree (back to 1741). I self-published many lines using VW2 & 3 as it was perfect for me. My wife compiled a poem book of her grandmother's poems that chronicled her 89 years of life. NOW, I want to obtain VW 2 or 3 to enable me to edit some of my works. WORD is too crappy for me to use. So, now where can I get it? Can I use DOS3.1 to make things work?
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