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E-Z Calc

E-Z Calc
E-Z Calc

SystemAtari ST

Royal Software

Atari ST

Release Date: 1/1/1986
Manufacturer: Royal Software
EZ-Calc is GEM-based, it uses the mouse for all commands. It requires less memory than other similar programs, so there's more room for your formulas and data.

Features include: a 300-column by 999-row maximum worksheet matrix, a built-in ten-key calculator, on-line help windows, a built-in sort routine, the ability to have up to ten function key macros, a split-screen capability, a notepad and graphing. The graphing is especially nice because it can be performed immediately from the worksheet, by selecting a drop-down menu command.

EZ-Calc is quite easy to use and compares favorably to other ST spreadsheet programs.

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