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STalker 3

STalker 3
STalker 3

SystemAtari ST

Gribnif Software

Atari ST

Release Date: 1/1/1991
Manufacturer: Gribnif Software
A fully-featured, GEM window based, telecommunications packagefor your Atari ST, STE, TT, or Falcon computer. With a modem, STalker lets you connect to any of the electronic services available world wide. For maximum convenience, STalker can be run as either a desk accessory or as a stand alone GEM program. When run as a desk accessory, STalker places its drop-down menus inside its own window. This allows full access to its menus from inside any GEM program. STalker can emulate several different terminals: Atari VT-52, Digital VT-100, and IBM PC-ANSI.

STalker also supports the most common file transfer protocols:

  • XModem-CRC
  • XModem 1K
  • YModem
  • YModem Batch
  • YModem-G
  • CompuServe B-Plus
  • ZModem
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