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Release Date: 1/1/1987
Manufacturer: Hi Tech Expressions
Astro-Grover is a Sesame Street game for home computers developed by Hi Tech Expressions and Children's Television Workshop and released in 1987. The game teaches counting, adding and subtracting for one player. The game was also developed in a version that would work with the Muppet Learning Keys.

Look up in the stars! It's ASTRO-GROVER and he's all set to have some close encounters with the friendly Zips from the planet Zap. Children practice counting, adding, and subtracting skills as they help GROVER count the Zips and welcome them to Earth!

Children help GROVER count the Zips and if they are right, GROVER will fly out to meet them. In case of a wrong answer, the Man-in-the-Moon will shake his head and encourage the child to try again. As children develop their number skills, a series of correct answers results in the building of GROVER's beautiful city or the launching of a zippy spaceship.

ASTRO-GROVER provides a playful setting in which children practice counting, adding, and subtracting. Children feel right at home with their furry, old pal GROVER, and their new friends, the Zips. The accompanying manual includes written instructions to be read aloud to preschoolers. With lively, colorful graphics and music, this exciting and interactive computer activity offers children experience with early number concepts -- while having friendly fun in outer space!

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