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Catz 4

Catz 4
Catz 4

SystemWindows 95/98


Windows 95/98

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Release Date: 1/1/1999
Manufacturer: Mindscape
Haven't all cat owners wished for a more cooperative pet? Now you can adopt a "Catz" and have the affectionate, responsive playmate you've always wanted--living in your computer! This remarkable virtual pet will be your companion for life, with proper care and feeding. There are 10 different breeds to choose from, all with their own personalities. Adopt as many as you like, but if you don't pay attention to one, it might run away!

This version of the popular "Petz" series has voice-recognition technology, so you can train your new friend to come when called, sit, fetch, or other goofy tricks (microphone not included). There are outfits for your pet and a variety of "play scenes." Where else can you put sunglasses on kitty and take her treasure hunting in the South Seas? With your own digital camera, you can take pictures and use them as additional play backgrounds. Additional options include breeding your Catz, shopping for Toyz, and creating printable picture books. For those who aren't cat fanciers, look for the Bunnyz hiding in the adoption center--he may be just the pet you were looking for.

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