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Front Page Sports: Baseball '94

Front Page Sports: Baseball '94
Front Page Sports: Baseball '94




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Release Date: 1/1/1994
Manufacturer: Sierra
The first Baseball game developed under Dynamix's "Front Page Sports" brand name. This one delivers an equally balanced team-management and statistically accurate experience based on the 1994 Major League season. You can play head to head, or vs the computer in single games, full seasons or career mode, in which players age, improve, decline, retire, etc. You can perform amateur drafts drawing talent from colleges at the beginning of each season, etc.

Statistically speaking the game includes enough statistics to satisfy the most eager stats-fan, and though it only comes with 1994's stats, the game comes with a separate program that allows you to modify or create new players.

Available in both Floppy and CD version (this one is CD)

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