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Draft & Print

Draft & Print
Draft & Print

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Spirit of Discovery


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Release Date: 1/1/1992
Manufacturer: Spirit of Discovery
These days, everybody's producing drawing programs for PCs. At one extreme are products aimed squarely at the professional market. At the other are packages intended for more casual use. Draft & Print, from Spirit of Discovery, seems to shoot for the middle ground. The package says it's "simple enough for the beginner, yet powerful enough for the professional."

How does it measure up? Generally speaking, it measures up well, starting with a straightforward setup routine. Besides letting you specify input and output devices, setup lets you set screen and text colors and even "linearize" your display so circles do indeed appear as circles on your screen. You also specify scale and drawing units, although only the English system (feet and inches) is directly supported.

D&P's drawings screen is a sight for sore eyes, especially once you've customized the colors to your own preferences. The drawing area is neat and uncluttered, with a space to the right reserved for cursor coordinate displays, menu commands, program messages, and so on.

How about drawing tools? D&P lets you draw lines, boxes, circles, arcs, grids, and more. You can move, mirror, rotate, and smooth, and you've got unlimited zooming. You can layer drawings and add, scale, and rotate text. Importing symbols is easy, and DXF files provide AutoCAD compatibility. A built-in library of basic symbols is useful, too.

The program can also give you exact dimensions, and it shows areas and perimeters of boxes and circles. Additionally, an Area command lets you calculate the area and perimeter of irregular figures, even those containing openings. You can use up to 2000 data points to define irregular shapes.

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