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Sargon 4

Sargon 4
Sargon 4

Floppy (3.5")2



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Release Date: 1/1/1989
Manufacturer: Spinnaker
A FULLY updated version of the first three Sargon games; now in color! 3D is also included along with numerous graphic inhancements and added classic games from the past.

The original SARGON was written by Dan and Kathleen 'Kathe' Spracklen in a Z80-based computer called Wavemate Jupiter III using assembly language through TDL Macro Assembler.

The name was originally written entirely in capitals because early computer operating systems such as CP/M did not support lower-case file names.

SARGON was introduced at the 1978 West Coast Computer Faire, where it won the first computer chess tournament held strictly for microcomputers. This success encouraged the authors to seek financial income by selling the program directly to customers. Since magnetic media were not widely available at the time, the authors placed an advert in Byte Magazine and mailed photocopied listings that would work in any Z80-based microcomputer. Later they were contacted by Hayden Books and a book was published.

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