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Moon Mine

Moon Mine

SystemTI 99

Texas Instruments

TI 99

Release Date: 1/1/1983
Manufacturer: Texas Instruments
Moon Mine Screenshot You are captain of the U.S.S. Recovery and your mission is to capture treasures stolen from Earth. Battle against the mighty Zygonaut and his menacing creatures to save the world's most valuable treasures!

Catalog number PHM 3131.

This would be the first original title John Phillips would program for TI. He provided this interesting story on the development of the game:

"Moonmine was assigned to me upon my arrival in Lubbock. I worked for a Supervisor, Bob Hendren, who had done a rough design and storyboard. I already knew how to program in assembly language, but did not know the proprietary language named "GPL" (Graphics Programming Language) that TI used in their GROM chips. I learned that from Jim Dramis (Car Wars, Munchman, Parsec). I worked on Moonmine for several months. Bob Hendren and I had a falling out towards the end of the project. He wanted the same girl who did the Parsec speech (her name was Aubree) to do the Moonmine speech. I wanted someone else to do it. We ended up getting Aubree to record part of the speech and another TI Lubbock employee to record the voice of the Zygonaut. Bob and my relationship was never the same after that."

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