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Multiplication 1

Multiplication 1

SystemTI 99

Texas Instruments

TI 99

Release Date: 1/1/1981
Manufacturer: Texas Instruments
Enjoy the magic of multiplication with Multiplication 1 for the Texas Instruments Home Computer. Using a format that includes ducks, rabbits, hats, flowers and a stage magician, the game lets children learn how to multiply numbers in a number of different ways, including groupings of objects and vertical and horizontal math problems.

There are eight different activities in all: Equal Groups, Factors 2 to 5, Factors 0 to 5, Factors 6 to 9, Multiply Another Way, How Many in All, Complete the Box and Review the Facts. The first seven activities include tutorials while the last features a live audience.

If the child answers 80% or more of the drill problems correctly, the computer will advance the game to the next activity. If the child gets less than 60% of the problems, the computer returns to the appropriate activity, giving the child more practice.

For each problem the child is given two chances to get it right. If a third incorrect response is entered, the computer will provide the correct answer. If two consecutive incorrect answers are made, the game will assist the child with a visual example of the problem. To add a voice to the onscreen prompts (such as "Try again" and "Your turn"), you will need a Texas Instruments Speech Synthesizer. ~ Brett Alan Weiss, All Game Guide

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