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Munch Man (Alternate)

Munch Man (Alternate)
Munch Man (Alternate)

SystemTI 99

Texas Instruments

TI 99

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Release Date: 1/1/1982
Manufacturer: Texas Instruments
Donated By: John Majkot
Munch Man (Alternate) Screenshot Four cunning Hoonos are in hot pursuit of your Munchman while he races to an energizer to change the attack. Can he make it to safety, or does his fate lie in the mouth of the Hoonos?

You might ask why they call the game "Munchman" when nothing is being "munched" in the game (as Munchman himself is not eating anything, but rather laying down chains). This is a common question that many people have after playing it, and the answer lies in the prototype version of the game (which carries a 1981 copyright on the title screen, versus the 1982 date on the released version). In the prototype, Munchman actually gobbles dots and power-pills in order to pass each level just as in Pac-Man. However, TI thought it would be too risky to market the game that way as it was a clear rip off of the arcade original. So to avoid any lawsuits they took out the dots and had Munchman lay down a series of chains, where the player had to cover the entire maze instead of eating dots.

Catalog number PHM 3057, programmed by Jim Dramis.

Munch Man (Alternate) Cartridge
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