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SystemTI 99

Texas Instruments

TI 99

Release Date: 1/1/1983
Manufacturer: Texas Instruments
Sneggit Screenshot Evil reptilian forces have penetrated the barnyard, wreaking havoc. Gather your eggs to safety before they can be devouered by the hungry poisonous snakes. Be extra careful though...the snakes missed breakfast and are hungry enough to even swallow a whole chicken.

James Von Ehr II programmed this game along with Slymoids all on his own free time. He was not part of the TI-99/4A development group and as a matter of fact did not even work in the building where the 99/4A was being produced. He instead was working on IC Layout and submitted his games to the 99/4A group through a producer (quite possibly Bob Hendren who designed Moon Mine). One question comes to mind after all these years...What was James doing working on IC Layout instead of developing games for the 99/4A? He was an excellent programmer and designer that would have brought some really neat game ideas to the table, especially if he started working in the 99/4A group since the machine's launch.

The name Sneggit comes from the combination of 3 elements in the game: Snake, Egg, and Get.

Catalog number PHM 3145.

Sneggit Cartridge
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