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Tunnels of Doom

Tunnels of Doom
Tunnels of Doom

SystemTI 99

Texas Instruments

TI 99

Release Date: 1/1/1982
Manufacturer: Texas Instruments
Tunnels of Doom Screenshot You are about to take your first step into the unknowns of the Tunnels of Doom where all the myriad realms of fantasy coexist to challenge all would-be heroes. You must gather all your strength and wits if you wish to be victorious.

Tunnels of Doom is a computer game programmed by Kevin Kenney in 1982 for the TI-99/4A computer system. Tunnels of Doom is consistently listed by TI-99/4A fans as one of the top games available for the system.

The game is one of the first graphical computer role-playing games (CRPGs). Based loosely on the paper-and-pencil role-playing game Dungeons & Dragons, it is a standard dungeon crawl adventure in which a player or number of players controls the fates of 1–4 characters as they journey into the depths of the Tunnels of Doom. Despite the lack of a progressive storyline, it possesses many elements duplicated by other, later CRPGs.

Catalog number PHM 3042.

Tunnels of Doom Cartridge
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