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Home Babysitter

Home Babysitter
Home Babysitter




Release Date: 1/1/1982
Manufacturer: Commodore
A review by eolsen:

"One of the most pointless games ever"

A lot of people give E.T. for the Atari 2600 a bad rap for being the worst game ever; however, I think that Home Babysitter for the VIC-20 definitely takes what we know as a bad game to a whole new level. This game, if you can call it that, is simply just terrible.

The purpose of this game, I suppose, was to turn an unsociable inexperienced person into every married couple's dream of a babysitter by including an amazing count of three mini-games to keep a kid busy. I know this doesn't sound very exciting, and it isn't. Just think of the poor kid who had to be entertained by it!

When Home Babysitter is loaded, a menu has to load. This menu takes at least fifteen seconds to fully load, and nothing can be done to bypass this, which is a little bit awkward. The menu shows three selections, which we assume are games. The first one has three blocks with letters on them. The second has a few random objects, and the other has a weird looking face. The first “game” which really is a movie…or slideshow…or…something that basically shows the alphabet. A tone sounds as each letter of the alphabet is displayed at the same speed that most people would sing the English alphabet. At the end a heart-warming message is displayed: “Won't you come and sing with me?” End of “game” one. Game two is described on the menu by a few random images. This game happens to be a counting game. After the game is chosen on the menu, the next screen prompts a number to be chosen, either 5, 10, 15, or 20. Keep in mind that the first time the computer operator plays this game, they have no idea what anything they are choosing means. Turns out those numbers are the maximum number that will be counted in the game itself. When the game starts, a random number of random objects will appear on the screen. The counter has two tries to guess the number right until the answer is given to them. There is some kind of scoreboard in the game, but I was not interested enough to find out what happens when you reach the maximum score. End of game two. The third game, which also doesn't seem to have much interactivity to it, is a game that displays a face then makes random changes to it. You can stop the changes by pressing the return button, but then this game is over. Occasionally some random farting noises will come from the face for some reason. This is the end of game three and basically all this game has to offer.

The graphics in this game were very lack luster. Not that there was a whole lot to this game to make great graphics for, but there was also a very small amount of color. More color may have stopped the poor baby that was playing this game to gouge his or her eyes out with the nearest sharp object.

The sounds were a series of beeps and farting noises as I stated above. Nothing special, and once again, it doesn't seem to baby friendly.

The game itself is terrible. There is barely any interactivity at all, and absolutely no replay value, even for the people who this game was meant to be played by: babies! It wasn't long after I turned this game on that I immediately turned it off and tossed it. I'd say it barely does anything to make the arduous task of babysitting any easier.

I really can't say many good things about this game. The interface was bad. The graphics, sounds, and overall game play weren't very baby friendly. If for some sick reason you were actually planning on purchasing this game, please don't waste your money, time, and most important, dignity.

Catalog number VIC-1928.

Home Babysitter Cartridge
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