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SystemAtari 8-Bit
Floppy (5.25")1


Atari 8-Bit

Release Date: 1/1/1982
Manufacturer: Sirius
Donated By: Gregory William Crowell
Designed by one of the true unsung heroes of the 64, Tony Ngo (later of Activision, now rumored to be with Nintendo). Ngo's designs typified the Sirius not-so-serious approach to computer games. In this fast-paced, tongue-in-cheek arcade contest, players battle hordes of scurvy-conscious aliens intent on stealing your supply of assorted fruits. Beyond the silly premise, however, lies an absolutely diabolical game. Players patrol the bottom of the screen as wave after wave of aliens tumbled, spun, and bounced from the top. Ngo's trademark graphics: dense, detailed and colourful; fluid animation and frenzied play action are still delightfully crazy after all these years.
Bandits Floppy (5.25")
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