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Directory Opus 5

Directory Opus 5

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Release Date: 1/1/1995
Manufacturer: GP Software
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Directory Opus (or "DOpus" as its users tend to call it) has evolved since its first release in 1990 as a basic two-panel file manager. The interface has evolved significantly due to the amount of feedback that the users have given it. Some of the features include:
  • Single or dual panel exploring
  • Folder tree (either shared or two separate for dual display)
  • Tabbed explorer panels
  • Internal zip and rar handling (browse them like folders)
  • Internal FTP handling, including (for a small extra fee) advanced FTP and SSH (browse these like folders also)
  • Flat-file display, where you can flatten a folder tree, and even hide the folders themselves
  • Powerful file selection and renaming tools, with advanced regex if needed
  • User definable toolbars, menus, filetypes and filetype groups
  • Preview panel, and preview of thumbnails (including animated AVI thumbnails)
  • File collections. These are like virtual folders that contain links to the original files (unlike shortcuts, these actually deal with the files directly)
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