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Star League Baseball

Star League Baseball
Star League Baseball

SystemCommodore 64


Commodore 64

Release Date: 1/1/1984
Manufacturer: Gamestar
Donated By: Gregory William Crowell
Star League Baseball (SLB) is a graphically spectacular, easy to learn baseball game, with enough playing options to satisfy all but the pickiest afficionado. SLB can be played between two players, or if you don't have a human handy and you enjoy pain you can take on your computer.

There are two starting pitchers available and a short reliever. "Heat" Muldoon has (obviously) a real barnburner of a fast ball, plus a good screwball and slider, but has little stamina and will tire quickly if his fast ball is used too often.

"Curves" Cassidy is the best all around pitcher, with a great curve ball, and a sinker that looks as if it fell off the end of a table. He has good stamina and excellent control. In the long run, Cassidy is the toughest pitcher to bat against when the player using him changes speeds and works the corners effectively. "Knuckles" Flanagan, the short relief pitcher, as you might guess, has a good knuckler, good control and is almost a necessity when starting with Muldoon. Once the game starts, everything is controlled through the joysticks. Throwing, catching, running, fielding and batting are all accomplished by using the joystick in conjunction with the fire button. Once you've gotten the mechanics of playing the game down, the fun starts.

As in the real game, pitching is the difference between winning and losing. "Heat's" fast ball is so brutally fast that it has to be anticipated. There's no way you can react to it, except to foul if off. Pitching strategy involves mixing your pitches well and learning your opponent's weak points. The timing is so critical that changing the speed of the pitches is as effective as it is in live baseball. "Going for the corners" involves throwing pitches, such as the sinker and curve ball, which will sometimes miss the strike zone, especially when Heat Muldoon is pitching in later innings. It takes a bit of practice to get to where you can pick the good pitches from the chaff, but the program provides a batting practice mode for just that purpose. (You can get all the fielding practice you want by playing against the computer.)

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