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SystemAtari 8-Bit
Floppy (5.25")2

Synapse Software

Atari 8-Bit

Release Date: 1/1/1983
Manufacturer: Synapse Software
Donated By: Gregory William Crowell
SynTrend is actually composed of two separate programs, SynGraph and SynStat. SynGraph is a high-resolution, color-graphing program, and SynStat is a statistical program for analyzing trends in your data. The package comes with two program disks and a two-section manual.

SynGraph can be used to create four different types of graphs: line plot, bar chart, scatter plot, and pie chart. It will accept data in SynStat, SynFile+, SynCalc, and VisiCalc file formats. Once generated, graphs can be saved to a disk and printed.

SynGraph requires BASIC and works with either one or two disk drives. Working with the program is essentially a two-step process. First, you compile the data files that will be used to create the graphs. Second, you choose the type of graph to make.

The line graph, scatter plot, and bar chart can each display up to three different factors (sets of data). Each factor must exist in a separate data file. The pie chart is created from a single data file, and compares the data points against others within the same file. You can choose labels for titles, X-Y axes, factor names, and pie chart slices. X-Y coordinates may be displayed in either whole numbers or decimals.

Specific scales can be entered for all but the pie charts. When displaying line and scatter plots, autoscaling results in numbers in integer format and divisions of 5 and 10 for X and Y, respectively. Autoscaled bar graphs yield decimal format numbers, Y divisions of 10, and a cluster pattern. A cluster pattern places the factors (a maximum of three) next to each other along the X axis, whereas a stacked pattern places the factors atop each other. Any of the graphs can be rescaled at any time.

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