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Shotgate Konfl1kt

Shotgate Konfl1kt
Shotgate Konfl1kt

SystemCommodore 64

Simon Quernhorst

Commodore 64

Release Date: 1/1/2008
Manufacturer: Simon Quernhorst
Donated By: Syd Bolton
Shotgate is a game for one player. You try to survive the 26 rooms of a secret laboratory while testing the new Shotgate technology of jumping between temporary gates. You can control your roboter suit left and right, but you cannot jump. Therefore you have to use your gun and shoot gates to the walls, floors or ceilings. When two gates are set you can enter a gate and are instantly warped to the second gate. Reaching the top right door brings you to the next room. Your ammunition is limited and the time is running out - so be careful and use the ammunition wisely.

The introduction music and the sound effects of Shotgate are composed by Lasse Öörni, programmer of the Metal Warrior series.

Konfl1kt is a two players game where the opponents face each other in space. Every joystick controls one player and either the top or bottom border of the playfield. The controlled border has got the same color as the player. Pushing the joystick up or down makes your player move. Pressing fire releases up to three shots. Pushing the joystick towards or away the opponent makes the border move up or down. This means that you can push the opponent into your shots by using the border movement. To make the game more interesting, you cannot hold the fire button pressed for unlimited shots. You have to release the fire button to let the shots travel far enough, otherwise they will not hit the opponent.

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