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Design 3D

Design 3D
Design 3D


Gold Disk


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Release Date: 1/1/1988
Manufacturer: Gold Disk
Donated By: Rob Bannerman
Design 3D fully exploits all of the Amiga capabilities in order to allow the creation of objects in real 3D. You visualize these in either four views (front, side, top, perspective) or full screen. The perspectives mode allows a representation with sides hidden and shading from 4 light sources. Furthermore due to the fact that Design 3D works in points, facettes and volumes, each of these entities can be manipulated independently from the others (moving, rotation, distortion,..) Thanks to the output possibility on graphic printers or plotter you can see your design on paper. Further, a parametric grid, a reticle, a font editor and the display of numerous parameter make Design 3D an incredible user friendly prouct for every person wanting to work in 3 dimensions.
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