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Final Copy II

Final Copy II
Final Copy II




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Release Date: 1/1/1992
Manufacturer: Softwood
Donated By: Rob Bannerman
Final Copy II is SoftWood's latest incarnation of Final Copy, their highly successful word processor. Final Copy's main claim to fame is the use of outline font technology to generate crisp, clean output using the full resolution of your printer. Final Copy prints with any Workbench supported printer and provides outline fonts on any Amiga, even those still running 1.3. Final Copy II adds new features such as structured drawing tools, mail merge, master pages and styles sheets, as well as an improved handling of IFF, HAM and 24bit ILBM graphics, and an improved ARexx command set. Final Copy II is offered in an American version and a British version.

Final Copy II installs easily to your hard disk, but requires two floppy drives and some disk swapping if you want to access all the different fonts, spell checker and thesaurus. SoftWood provides six fonts and a drawer of 29 PostScript-compatible fonts.

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