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Release Date: 1/1/1992
Manufacturer: Europress Software
AMOS BASIC is a dialect of the BASIC programming language implemented on the Amiga computer. AMOS BASIC was published by Europress Software and originally written by Fran├žois Lionet with Constantin Sotiropoulos.

AMOS is a descendant of STOS BASIC for the Atari ST. AMOS BASIC was first produced in 1990.

AMOS competed on the Amiga platform with Acid Software's Blitz BASIC. Both BASICs differed from other dialects on different platforms, in that they allowed the easy creation of fairly demanding multimedia software, with full structured code and many high-level functions to load images, animations, sounds and display them in various ways.

The original AMOS version was interpreted which, whilst working fine, suffered from performance problems. Later, an AMOS compiler was developed that reduced this problem.

To speed up the animation of sprites, AMOS included the AMOS Animation Language (AMAL), a compiled sprite scripting language which runs independently of the main AMOS BASIC program. It was also possible to control screen and "rainbow" effects using AMAL scripts.

After the original version of AMOS, Europress released two other versions: Easy AMOS, a simpler version for beginners, and AMOS Professional, a more advanced version with added features, such as a better IDE, ARexx support, a new UI sublanguage and new flow control constructs. Neither of these new versions was significantly more popular than the original AMOS.

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