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Star Fighter Collection

Star Fighter Collection

SystemCommodore 64
# of Media1

KeyPunch Software

Commodore 64

Release Date: 1/1/1987
Manufacturer: KeyPunch Software
"Star Fighter - 5 games"

Astronauts - Become a coveted astronaught and pilot your lunar module through the treacherous space caverns to reach safety.

StarFighter - Take the plunge! Reach warp speed as you plunge down the 3D space corridor, blasting apart the waves of on-coming starfighters!

Space Bomb - The invincible terror machines are after your space module in an incredible test of markmanship and skill. Shoot down these marauders using your powerful weaponry

Space Hit - Protect the mothership! You have been chosen from the elite corps to direct the wounded mothership through the dangerous meteor storm. You must fly in the path of these meteors and blast them apart before they have a chance to destroy the precious mothership

Space Maze - Take it to the limit! Test your capabilities as you pilot your star ship through the treacherous space maze, avoiding the dangerous asteroids that could send you to certain death!

5.25 floppy, instruction card in original box.

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