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Space Games

Space Games
Space Games

SystemAtari 8-Bit

Educational Software

Atari 8-Bit

Release Date: 1/1/1982
Manufacturer: Educational Software
Space Games is an early foray into the entertainment end of the computer software market. It is an interesting collection of classic space games. None of these are ground-breakers, but they play well enough and may make a solid introduction to computer gaming for youngsters.

Aliens is, basically, Space Invaders with some cute frills — the ability to send the invaders back to their home planet, automatic speed-up and a musical interlude for real quality tyro-arcaders make this one a winner.

Survive is a sort of maze-traversing game in which the object is to lure aliens over them, blowing them up real good. Collision with a mine by the player will not affect any of your lives or strength, but will set you back 10 points and, naturally, you've got one less mine to use. This is an interesting combination of shoot-out SF (both you and the aliens have laser weaponry) with a cute touch — you can wipe out aliens with a single shot, but each alien hit you take saps 20% of your strength in terms of injuries.

In Robot Attack, the most sophisticated of the three contests, the player must infiltrate an enemy space craft and steal back the cloaking device those alien nasties snatched from your ship. The ship is comprised of a quintet of rooms, each of which must be separately navigated.

The manual is available for viewing/download.

Space Games Cassette
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