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Beyond Atlantis II

Beyond Atlantis II
Beyond Atlantis II

SystemWindows 95/98


Windows 95/98

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Release Date: 10/25/2001
Manufacturer: DreamCatcher
Donated By: Greg & Elizabeth Martin, Jason MacIsaac
In the opening sequence of Beyond Atlantis II, a bald man digs into a cave wall, greedily snatches a crystal skull, and proclaims "All power is mine!" You likely won't notice how silly the dialogue is at first, because you'll be too distracted by the incredible animation. Beyond Atlantis II may well be the best-looking adventure game ever. The characters are so realistic that it's a bit creepy at first. The eyes look human and expressive, and the facial expressions are emotive and believable. Even the lip-synching with the dialogue is nearly perfect. As in so many Cryo games before it, Beyond Atlantis II is full of strange puzzles and metaphysical gobbledygook. But the constant barrage of strangeness actually works in the game's favor.

You play as a "young archeologist" (the game never names the protagonist) who is searching for a lost Egyptian tomb thousands of miles from Egypt. When told that Egypt is far away from her target location, she responds matter-of-factly: "Yeah, I noticed." At least Beyond Atlantis II makes it clear early on that the story won't be an issue. She finds the tomb, and the discovery leads her to ancient Egypt (or possibly future Egypt--it's never clear). From there it's on to Baghdad, some prehistoric tundra, and a metaphysical world full of bubbles, spiny paths, and crystalline dolphins. Her goal is to unlock the secret of the crystal skull. The secret will lead the world toward a new age of enlightenment.

Beyond Atlantis II doesn't try too hard to make sense. Those who have played earlier entries in the series will note this as a good thing. Both Atlantis and Beyond Atlantis spent a good deal of energy bludgeoning you with a seemingly endlessly stream of profound-sounding dialogue that meant nothing at all. The characters in Beyond Atlantis II will more often than not spout some nonsense, but at the end, they'll just tell you what you need to do. Your tasks are still cloaked in nonsense--you'll need to find a feather to help free a Pharaoh's soul, fight cave paintings to resurrect yourself, and jump into bubbles that lead to decrepit municipal hallways--but at least it's nonsense with clearly delineated goals.

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