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In the Chips

In the Chips
In the Chips


Creative Software


Release Date: 1/1/1983
Manufacturer: Creative Software
In The Chips is another in the concept education series from Creative Software- puts you in charge of your very own Silicon Valley business. You get to make all the decisions a big-time boss has to make: researching and developing, producing and selling software for the ever-expanding computer market.

But it's not all easy street. To be a big winner, you must correctly gauge how "hot" each of your products will be, and then set the prices and production levels. And of course, advertise, advertise, advertise!

Just when you think the market is yours, your competitor may lower prices and wipe you out- or the bottom may drop out of the market, putting both of you in the red.

All joystick controlled with arcade graphics, this market simulation teaches the basic elements of Big Business in America. In competition (or cooperation) with your friend or your computer, a careful balance must be kept between your inventory, prices and advertising if you are to capture the major share of the market. So watch that bottom line!

Software written by Gene Genoar.

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