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Release Date: 1/1/1983
Manufacturer: Creative Software
To fill object beakers with water using the least amount of fill ups from the movable master beaker and spilling the least amount of water from the stationary object beakers.

This program will develop the skills of proportion, coordination and perception in children ages 6-12 and will play as a challenging strategy game for young adults.

There are two levels of difficulty.

Level 1: The object beakers are all the same shape, but different sizes. Level 2: The object beakers are both different shapes and sizes.

Move the joystick left and right to move the crane left and right and move the joystick forward and back to lower and raise the winch.

Pressing the button on the joystick will: connect the master beaker to the crane; fill up the master beaker from the master faucet; and empty the master beaker into object beakers.

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