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Rise Of The Dragon

Rise Of The Dragon
Rise Of The Dragon

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Release Date: 1/1/1990
Manufacturer: Dynamix
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Rise of the Dragon is a graphic adventure game released in 1990 for DOS and Macintosh, and later remade for the Mega-CD/Sega CD (1993) as well as the Amiga. It was one of the few adventure game titles developed by Dynamix, a company that was better known as an action and flight simulator game developer. In some sense, this game was an experiment by Dynamix to expand its development repertoire (to other game genres) since the company was bought out by Sierra On-Line in 1990.

The Mega-CD version added voice actors to the game (including Cam Clarke in the main role as William 'Blade' Hunter) and was given a MA-17 rating by the Videogame Rating Council, most likely for profanity, references to a fictional illicit drug, cross-dressing, prostitution and partial female nudity.

The game is set in a dark cyberpunk version of Los Angeles in 2053. Rise of the Dragon's seedy vision of the future is inspired by the film Blade Runner. The main character is named William 'Blade' Hunter, an apparent tribute to the film. His clothing also resembles that worn by Harrison Ford as Rick Deckard in Blade Runner.

Blade Hunter is a former Los Angeles Police Department officer turned private detective. When the mayor's rebellious daughter Chandra is found dead and horribly mutated after experimenting with a new designer drug, Hunter is called upon to track down those responsible. This leads Hunter to discover an underground Chinese Mafia operation led by a megalomaniacal drug kingpin intent on world domination.

During the game, Blade has to reconcile with his girlfriend Karyn, uncover the mystery behind Chandra's death and the MZT drug, and sabotage the villains' plans to poison the Hollywood reservoir.

The final battle of the game sees drug boss Deng Hwang use MZT to turn into a monstrous dragon. The coming of the dragon is foreseen in the game by a street drunkard who raves that Bahamut is coming.

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