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Der Seelenturm (Tower of Souls)

Der Seelenturm (Tower of Souls)
Der Seelenturm (Tower of Souls)

Floppy (3.5")5

Black Legend


Release Date: 1/1/1995
Manufacturer: Black Legend
Donated By: Jason MacIsaac
Der Seelenturm (in English, Tower of Souls) is set in the land of Chaybore in which seven crystals are responsible for the well being of its citizen. But the evil demon Baalhathrok has taken them and so the player controls Treeac to retrieve them.

In an isometric view, Treeac has to conquer the seven floors of Baalhathrok's tower. The player controls a ball with his mouse and clicks where Treeac should go. Fights are initiated with left clicking on the enemy, for other actions the right mouse button has to be hold while choosing a symbol on the bottom of the screen. Besides of fighting the enemies the player has to open several doors - either by finding the key, pressing the right buttons in the right order or using one of his four lockpicks. When using the lockpicks the player has to beat a mini game where he has to make the correct mouse movements.

When searching the rooms of the dungeon there are various potions, herbs and magical pieces of equipment to be found. With the herbs the player can mix potions or spells, which are available in four categories: Attacking, defending, transforming and item manipulation. There is no free save system, there are special save points during the game. Every time he wants to save the player has to sacrifice one piece of equipment.

This is the German version of the game. The developer, Parys Technografx, worked with a new publisher to bring the game out on the iPhone in 2009.

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