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Fortress of Dr. Radiaki (The)

Fortress of Dr. Radiaki (The)
Fortress of Dr. Radiaki (The)


Merit Software


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Release Date: 10/1/1994
Manufacturer: Merit Software
Donated By: Jason MacIsaac
This is one of the tons of Doom clones that were released in 1994/1995. The story: Dr. Radiaki has created an army of genetically modified creatures, and wants to conquer the world. You have to go to his fortress and stop him. The main points that set it apart from other games in this category: it's intended to be rather humorous, you start with a baseball bat instead of a knife, and you actually have to reload guns (ie you have to hit Space almost constantly).

User Comments
Matt Sayle on Friday, October 12, 2012
Something of a cult classic, Dr. Radiaki was my brother’s game, but he let me play occasionally. It featured a first person camera and a lot of guns, much like Wolfenstein, but I thought the addition melee weapons, like the baseball bat or the katana, was cool and did a lot for the difficulty. The enemies are relentless, and frequently clustered, requiring more thought than simply running in guns blazing. This was a hard game, but patient gamers will find a brilliant challenge!
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