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Release Date: 4/1/1995
Manufacturer: Origin
Donated By: Jason MacIsaac
BioForge (working title: Interactive Movie 1) is a survival horror video game published by Origin Systems for the PC in 1995. The game was marketed as a movie-like production, because of its in-depth plot and extensive voice acting (with 22 different voice actors for characters and computer voices). The game was localized in four languages: English, German, French and Spanish (screen text and subtitles only).

The game was very hardware-demanding in 1995, requiring 8 MB of RAM and a 486 CPU running at 33 MHz at least, due to its use of texture-mapped, detailed 3D models and a software renderer (hardware 3D accelerators were not yet common). Well received, but also going low on sales, it is considered by many to be an overlooked game and is featured prominently at the Home of the Underdogs and has had generally favorable reviews.

In the far future, the known universe is ruled by an organization known as 'the Reticulum'. There is also an opposite fanatical group of religious extremists known as the Mondites, who believe in the evolution of man through machine by cybernetic implants, aspire to galactic conquest under the direction of their insane leader, the Prime Paragon.

Years ago, a Reticulum ship called Ambassadoria made contact with an ancient spaceship containing alien remains in stasis. One alien was transferred to the ship for examination. However it returned to life and destroyed everything until the ship self-destructs, after her captain recorded a log. The Mondites however received the distress call before the Reticulum could be notified; through studying the black box and the remains, they finally discover the aliens' homeworld, a moon which they name Daedalus (named after the Greek myth) in a remote sector of the galaxy and establish a base while investigating the ruins the aliens left behind; a sentient race known as the Phyxx who were long thought to be extinct.

To their end, the Mondites abduct people and subject them on Daedalus for their experiments. A mad scientist called Dr. Mastaba who is the base commander and head of the "ABA Project" (Assassin Biologically Augmented) conducts these experiments under the guise of scientific research, mutilating the bodies of his victims in an attempt to turn them into the ultimate killing machine. However, everyone so far has ended up either dead or insane.

Using technology borrowed from the Phyxx, the Mondites have finally succeeded in their experiments. But when one of the aliens is accidentally revived from suspended animation in its tomb, it goes on a rampage through the complex, damaging the reactor and killing half of the base personnel in the process. The player takes on the role of a randomly identified cyborg based on how the player responds to various events in the game. (Experimental Unit AP-127) who awakens in a cell on Daedelus with no prior memories. After escaping the cell, the player seems to be one of the scant survivors of the incident that has devastated the station. He must unravel the truth about himself, the research station, the bizarre Mondite cult that controls it, and the mysterious ancient alien race that once inhabited the moon.

The game ends rather abruptly after the player escapes Daedalus in an experimental spacecraft in the wake of the moon's destruction, escorted by several Phyxx Blockships. A sequel (BioForge II) was designed and the team were working on the art when the project was halted and changed to an extension of the original game. The extension, however, was also cancelled and subsequently never published.

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