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Train Simulator

Train Simulator
Train Simulator

SystemWindows 95/98


Windows 95/98

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Release Date: 6/1/2001
Manufacturer: Microsoft
Microsoft Train Simulator (sometimes referred to as MSTS) is a train simulator for Microsoft Windows, released in July 2001 and developed by UK based Kuju Entertainment.

The simulation allows players to operate a train on various routes in Europe, Asia and the United States. Players need to stop and start the train, couple wagons, using the computer keyboard or a hardware addition such as Raildriver to operate the controls. Sound effects are enabled.

The original game featured six routes:

  • The Arlberg railway in Austria in the 1930s, with the Orient Express.
  • The Settle to Carlisle Railway line as it was in the 1930s and 1940s, with the Flying Scotsman.
  • The Northeast Corridor in the United States between 30th Street Station in Philadelphia and Washington Union Station with Amtrak's Acela Express and Metroliner.
  • The Marias Pass route, in the United States depicting the BNSF Railway's Hi-Line Subdivision between Shelby, Montana and Whitefish, Montana, with C44-9W and GP38-2 locomotives.
  • The Odakyu Odawara Line commuter service in Tokyo and the Hisatsu Line on Kyushu in Japan.
Included with the game was the Editors & Tools program, which allowed the user to build custom routes. Users could also create activities for any route, create custom cabviews, or edit the default ones.
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