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Superbike 2000

Superbike 2000
Superbike 2000

SystemWindows 95/98

Electronic Arts

Windows 95/98

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Release Date: 2/29/2000
Manufacturer: Electronic Arts
EA Sports' Superbike 2000 is one of the most realistic and accurate motorcycle racing games out there. A wide variety of tracks and bikes and gorgeous animations and graphics offset the game's steep learning curve and will keep you coming back for more.

Superbike 2000 has gameplay options similar to those in many other PC racing sims. The game's career mode lets you select a factory bike and rider and enter a series of races that span 13 weekends. Each weekend is composed of a number of racing events that include two free practice sessions, two qualifying sessions, a superpole, and two final races. The practice sessions are designed to give you a better feel of the bike and let you make any necessary changes without any consequence to your overall standings. Your performance during the qualifying and superpole events then determines the starting grid of the final races, and you move on to the next track after you successfully complete them.

The game has four difficulty settings that you can change anytime during the game. The four levels toggle assists like automatic transmission, automatic rider movement, crash recovery, extra brake power, and automatic braking. Those who don't know a lot about the dynamics of riding a motorcycle would do well to select some of the assists. With the difficulty set to "real," which offers no assists at all, Superbike 2000 becomes a serious challenge. Unlike cars, motorcycles don't have the luxury of turning and stopping on a dime, so you'll need to keep your eyes as far down the track as possible in anticipation of upcoming turns and traffic. A steady hand is necessary when taking turns, as too much braking will cause the bike to slide out from underneath the rider, and too much throttle will result in a spectacular crash.

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