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Hot Wheels Slot Car Racing

Hot Wheels Slot Car Racing
Hot Wheels Slot Car Racing

SystemWindows 95/98

Mattel Media

Windows 95/98

Release Date: 11/30/2000
Manufacturer: Mattel Media
Hot Wheels Slot Car Racing is a game made for Windows 95/98. It is a racing game that uses unique controllers resembling slot car controllers.

Up to two players can play at a time. Players race slot cars down various tracks with their own themes, from outer space to prehistoric times. There are many obstacles to avoid on each track. Players may also make and save 4 custom tracks using a track editor. Unlike the default tracks, the custom tracks can not have a theme or obstacles, and looks more like an actual slot car track.

Hot Wheels Slot Car Racing comes with unique controllers (we do not have these at the museum). These controllers are similar to actual slot car controllers. There are two, and they each have a yellow button on the back of the controller. Like a real slot car, the speed of the car will depend on how much the player squeezes the contoller. Cars must slow down during certain turns, because if they go too fast around a turn, they will fly off, costing valuable time. When the yellow button on the back of the controller is pressed, the car will switch lanes. This is useful for avoiding obstacles, cutting-off other racers, or taking the inside of a turn to pass other racers. Players can make other racers crash by hitting the front of the other cars.


This software is currently interactive in the Museum.
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