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SWAT 3 (Tactical Game of the Year)

SWAT 3 (Tactical Game of the Year)
SWAT 3 (Tactical Game of the Year)

SystemWindows 95/98


Windows 95/98

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Release Date: 11/23/1999
Manufacturer: Sierra
Donated By: Jason MacIsaac
SWAT 3: Close Quarters Battle (also known as SWAT3 or SWAT3:CQB) is a tactical squad-based first-person shooter, developed by Sierra Northwest and published by Sierra Entertainment for Windows-based PCs on November 23, 1999. SWAT3 is the seventh installment of the long-running Police Quest series, and is also the first game in the series to omit the phrase Police Quest from the full title.

As the first first-person shooter of the Police Quest/SWAT series, SWAT3 received a new game engine with cell and portal technologies for simulation of environments and advanced AI and ballistics. The developers spent some time consulting with LAPD SWAT, including a real-life SWAT element leader and LAPD SWAT founder Daryl F. Gates in order to create an accurate, realistic simulation. Most of the animations in the game were motion captured from a real-life a SWAT officer. Unlike many other first-person shooter games, SWAT3 places an emphasis on realistic police methods and tactics, including proper room clearance, use of less-lethal weaponry, ordering compliance and arresting enemies rather than shooting on sight, and differentiating between authorized and unauthorized use of lethal force.

SWAT3 is set in 2005 in Los Angeles, with the player assuming the role of a Los Angeles Police Department SWAT officer, leading a five-man element of computer-controlled teammates. Los Angeles is due to host a major, United Nations-brokered nuclear disarmament treaty signing attended by a number of world powers, including the United States, Russia and China. LAPD SWAT is tasked with protecting the treaty event and the attending dignitaries from a number of violent criminal and terrorist groups seeking to either abuse or disrupt the treaty signing event for their own ends, culminating in a direct nuclear threat to the City and an attack at the treaty signing event itself.

SWAT3 also includes a multiplayer mode, including traditional Deathmatch and Team Deathmatch modes, as well as Cooperative play using the single player missions.

SWAT3 was met by positive critical acclaim, attracting praise for its graphics and AI sophistication, and also spawned a successor, SWAT 4 which was released in April 2005, developed and published by Irrational Games and Sierra owner Vivendi Universal.

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