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Quest for Glory: Shadows of Darkness

Quest for Glory: Shadows of Darkness
Quest for Glory: Shadows of Darkness




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Release Date: 9/1/1994
Manufacturer: Sierra
Donated By: Ray Smith
Quest for Glory: Shadows of Darkness is an adventure game/role-playing video game hybrid. It is the fourth installment of the Quest for Glory computer game series by Sierra Entertainment. It was the first and only game of the series to drop the numerals from the title.

Initially, the game was released in March 1993 on nine 3.5" floppy diskettes to accommodate those gamers who didn't have a CD-ROM drive at the time (as were many other of Sierra adventures). However, the main release was planned in 1994, in a jewel box that included the game CD, the game manual, a store catalogue and legalities. The floppy version also included the manual, only smaller and less detailed.

Since the floppy version had no device-entrusted copyright protection, the player was asked to do a certain amount of actions at the beginning of each game. The CD version simply required the disk to play the game.

Upon its final release in 1994, the game itself featured some improvements to the gameplay. The title screen, which featured an initially black background in the floppy version, was updated with a picture of a castle layout in pale moonlight and featured a wolf-like howl as the title was appearing. Some other sound effects were added in the game too, such as door sounds, etc. The CD version also featured a complete soundtrack with actors voicing, for the first time in the series. The player was then able to choose between the text boxes and the vocals in option screen.

A feature called "Auto-combat", where the computer would fight the enemies in battles (to pinpoint the strategic feel of the game, as opposed to the action feel) was also improved upon release.

Drawn without warning from victory in Tarna, the Hero arrives without equipment or explanation in the middle of the hazardous Dark One Caves in the distant land of Mordavia. Upon escaping from the closing cave mouth, he meets a mysterious young woman named Katrina who assists him again several times in his journey. He encounters several old foes, including the not-quite-dead Ad Avis and the ogress Baba Yaga, and makes several bizarre new allies. The Hero is ultimately coerced into assisting Ad Avis' Dark Master (who turns out to be Katrina) in collecting the Dark Rituals that will allow Avoozl the Dark One (an obvious Cthulhu pastiche, and most likely a reference to the Slavic deity Chernobog) to manifest in Mordavia's world. Naturally, the Hero is freed from this control and thwarts their plan, destroying Ad Avis in the process. During the celebration of the Hero's somewhat pyrrhic victory, the wizard Erasmus appears, summoning the Hero to the land of Silmaria.

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