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NHL 96

NHL 96
NHL 96


Electronic Arts


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Release Date: 10/26/1995
Manufacturer: Electronic Arts
Donated By: Ray Smith
NHL 96 is an ice hockey video game developed by Electronic Arts Canada. It was released on October 26, 1995 and was the successor to NHL 95.

The cover of the game features Steve Yzerman and Scott Stevens. It was the final game in the series that included more than one player on the cover in North America. Since the release of NHL 97, the games' covers have single players.

Major and double minor penalties were included in the game. The PC version is the first game in the series to have multiple cameras, using EA's "Virtual Stadium technology". The Virtual Stadium technology uses 2D sprites on a 3D environment. The song included is Get Ready For This by 2 Unlimited is used as the game's main theme (for the PC version, the game music is done by game composer Jeff van Dyck).

Athough the Quebec Nordiques had been relocated to Denver as the Colorado Avalanche prior to the 1995–96 season, circumstances prevented the new franchise from being added to the EA game, and as a result, the club still appears as the Nordiques. Fighting was also included, with three new animations for a fight ending; knocking the losing player on his back, injuring him to cause him to squirm on the ice, and by pulling the losing player to the ice with the jersey over his head while being able to still throw punches. Game modes include exhibition, season and playoffs.

The game offered two options for season length. The numbers of games are either 48 or 82 games. The actual 1994-95 NHL season was shortened to 48 games due to the 1994–95 NHL lockout.

The PC version of NHL 96 was the first to have an ability to play online with a modem.

The game was released for DOS, Sega Mega Drive/Genesis, Super Nintendo Entertainment System, and Game Boy.

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