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NHL 2002

NHL 2002
NHL 2002

SystemWindows 95/98

Electronic Arts

Windows 95/98

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Release Date: 9/17/2001
Manufacturer: Electronic Arts
Donated By: Ray Smith
NHL 2002 is a video game released by EA Sports on September 17, 2001. It is the predecessor to NHL 2003. The game's cover man is Pittsburgh Penguins superstar and owner Mario Lemieux.

Bill Clement is replaced by Don Taylor for NHL 2002. Taylor's quirky and often slapstick commentary style drew mixed reception from fans of the game. After September 11, 2001, a patch was created that changed the image shown on the loading screen before New York Rangers games. Originally, it had been the World Trade Center. It was changed to the Statue of Liberty. (New York Islanders games simply showed the arena.)

NHL 2002 was the only game in the series to be released on the Game Boy Advance. This version is an updated port of NHL 96 for the SNES, and contains many features from that past title. It was also the last EA Sports NHL game to have 2D graphics, and the last NHL game to be on a handheld console until NHL 07.

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