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Nancy Drew: The Final Scene

Nancy Drew: The Final Scene
Nancy Drew: The Final Scene

SystemWindows 95/98


Windows 95/98

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Release Date: 9/16/2001
Manufacturer: DreamCatcher
Donated By: Brian Gardiner
The Final Scene is the fifth game in the Nancy Drew computer game series. The game is based on the book bearing the same name and features Nancy Drew and her friend Maya Nguyen. Nancy meets Maya at the Royal Palladium theater to go to the opening of a new movie, Vanishing Destiny. As Maya goes into the dressing room to interview the movie's star Brady Armstrong, she is kidnapped. The player, as Nancy Drew, has to race against time to find Maya and the kidnapper before the theater is demolished in three days. This game takes place in St. Louis.

The prologue is written by Nancy in a letter to her friend, Bess Marvin, saying she is going to St. Louis with a friend from high school, Maya Nguyen, to interview Brady Armstrong at the Royal Palladium Theater in St. Louis. Brady is the heartthrob actor who plays the lead role in the "Vanishing Destiny", a new movie, which is set to be the last screening ever at the Royal Palladium. The theater has been a landmark since 1901. Due to its failing structure it is scheduled to be demolished in three days. In the 1920s great magicians, such as Harry Houdini performed there.

When they first arrive, Maya goes to interview Brady, and Nancy decides to check out the snacks. Nancy hears a scream and rushes to Brady's room to find that Maya is missing. Nancy then receives a threatening phone call, telling her: "Listen carefully: If they knock the theater down the girl goes with it."

On the first day, Nancy explores the theater and meets the star of Vanishing Destiny, Brady Armstrong, his agent, Simone Mueller, the theater's caretaker, Joseph Hughes, and protesting group HADIT's (which is protesting against the demolition) leader, Nicolas Falcone. After Nancy calls the police, the police refuse to get involved with the kidnapping unless Maya has been missing for twenty four hours. Nancy is then determined to find evidence of Maya's kidnapping and begins to search the theater. At the end of day 1, Brady discovers Maya's press pass, and gives it to Joseph, who gives it to Nancy. Nancy calls the police to tell them of the evidence-however, the police still refuse to get involved because they aren't convinced that Maya was really kidnapped. Nancy then goes to the hotel she is staying at, and the game progresses to Day 2.

Day 2 begins with Nancy seeing a funeral wreath that the kidnapper sent. The funeral wreath suggests that Maya will die if Nancy doesn't stop the demolition. Nancy then discovers that someone unknown has printed and posted "Missing" fliers of Maya and has posted them all over the theater. The day progresses as Nancy finds the magician's room, and see Maya's feet for a second before Maya is moved to another location. Nancy then gets stuck as she tries to get into the magician's room, and once she gets in there, Maya is gone. However, there is evidence she was there - Nancy finds empty pizza boxes and Maya's shoe. She then calls the police with the evidence, only to find out they won't be there until morning. The game progresses to the final day.

Day 3 begins with Joseph explaining that the police searched the magicians room, but they never found any of the pizza boxes, or Maya's shoe. He tries to convince Nancy that she had dreamed up the pizza boxes. At the time of the demolition, Nancy hides out while everyone evacuates the theater, in order to continue her investigating. Nancy finds out that the "owner" of the theater, who is planning the demolition, does not contain full ownership of the theater. After she discovers this, she encounters the culprit. He/she locks Nancy into the projection room and she then has to escape, and then, find Maya and stop the demolition.

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