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LEGO Racers

LEGO Racers
LEGO Racers

SystemWindows 95/98

LEGO Media

Windows 95/98

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Release Date: 7/31/1999
Manufacturer: LEGO Media
Donated By: Brian Gardiner
Lego Racers is a racing video game developed by High Voltage Software and published by Lego Media, released for Microsoft Windows, Nintendo 64, Game Boy Color, and PlayStation. The player races various characters made of Lego in custom-built go-karts based on the Lego Racers product line in an attempt to become "the greatest Lego racing champion of all-time". A sequel to the game, Lego Racers 2, was released in 2001.

Rocket Racer has become bored with the opponents he has, and decides to hold a challenge. He and his friend, Veronica Voltage, travel through time and space to collect the best racers in the galaxy. A determined racer (the player character, which is created by the player) takes on other racers and occasional bosses in an attempt to become the champion. The bosses are Captain Redbeard, King Kahuka, Basil the Batlord, Johnny Thunder, Baron Von Barron, Gypsy Moth, and the final boss being the champion and most challenging competitor, Rocket Racer. At the end of the game, the player wins his/her championship.

In Lego Racers, the player assumes the role of either one of several pre-built Lego characters or a custom-built driver. The camera is positioned behind the car, as in most racing games, and the player may make use of a variety of power-ups such as weapons and speed-boosters to increase their chances of winning.

The PC version supports keyboard and gamepad control, both of which can be fully customized in the game settings.

A feature in the game allows the player to build cars and drivers of their own design. Both the driver's Lego minifigure and the car are built from scratch using a wide selection of Lego bricks and parts. This selection is limited when the player starts the game, but expands each time the player completes a circuit. The player may also use the Quick Build feature to play with a pre-made car. Customization is purely aesthetic and has no effect on the performance of the car.

In the circuit mode of Lego Racers, the player can race on one of seven "circuits", in which the player must gain the most points from among five competitors including one champion over the course of four races, each of which award the player points based on the order in which they finish in.

The circuits are not themed, though the individual tracks are. For instance, the third circuit features a horror-themed track complete with witches and bats, a pirate-themed track, a jungle-themed track with magical temple and an alien planet. Each circuit has a special driver, a "circuit champion", who performs better than the other NPC racers and may have a small gameplay gimmick; for instance, the first champion encountered has a tendency to use the cannonball powerup (because he's pirate captain).

The first six circuits consist of four tracks each, and the last three circuits are simply mirror-images of the first three, a practice also used in the Mario Kart franchise. The seventh circuit comprises one track, where the circuit champion is Rocket Racer, the primary antagonist. Virtually every track in the game also features one or more hidden short-cuts which can give the player a significant advantage of the NPC racers.

The second single-player mode is the time race. The player races a single opponent, Veronica Voltage, who is the granddaughter of Professor Voltage, a character in the game Legoland. Veronica drives a ghost car that cannot crash into the player's car in any way. If the player wins races in every track of the first three circuits, they are awarded Veronica Voltage's car set.

This game also supports a two-player multiplayer mode. If a second input device, such as a joystick or gamepad, is plugged in, two players can race against each other in split screen display.

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