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Star Trek: Voyager: Elite Force (Expansion Pack)

Star Trek: Voyager: Elite Force (Expansion Pack)
Star Trek: Voyager: Elite Force (Expansion Pack)

SystemWindows 95/98


Windows 95/98

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Release Date: 5/9/2001
Manufacturer: Activision
Donated By: Jason MacIsaac
Star Trek: Voyager Elite Force was a surprise success--who would have guessed that one of the best first-person shooters of 2000 would also be a Star Trek game? Elite Force, along with a couple of other high-quality Star Trek games released during the same relative time period, helped Star Trek games recover from an old stigma--since, over the years, most games based on the TV shows fared poorly. But Elite Force was a great game on any terms--it looked and sounded excellent and offered a lot of variety in its interesting single-player storyline. However, a major criticism of the game was that it ended too quickly. In light of this, the decision by Activision and developer Raven Software to create an expansion pack to Elite Force seems like an obvious one. Ideally, it would give fans of Elite Force more of the same sorts of tightly scripted, highly varied single-player scenarios that they enjoyed in the original game. It would also expand upon the game's multiplayer mode, which was fairly simple. In reality, the anonymous Elite Force Expansion Pack does only the second half of this: It introduces a number of new multiplayer options. On the other hand, its single-player features are the antithesis of the original single-player levels. The open-ended "Virtual Voyager" option offered in the expansion simply lets you go on a scavenger hunt within a 3D re-creation of the TV show's flagship. Some aspects of this may be enjoyable to fans of the TV series. However, it's not likely to be of much fun or of much use to those who enjoyed Elite Force for any reason beyond its source material.

Five new multiplayer options are available in the expansion.

As noted, the Elite Force Expansion Pack divides its supplemental content between additions to the single-player and multiplayer modes of Elite Force. The five new multiplayer options offer some interesting variations to the standard deathmatch (or rather, holomatch), team holomatch, and capture-the-flag multiplayer modes available in the original Elite Force. Some of these are more successful, and a lot of the new features are similar to those found in other multiplayer shooters. The new options include the action-hero mode, in which one player packs more weapons, health, and overall power than other players in the free-for-all match. An opposing player who successfully eliminates the action hero earns five frags instead of just one and also gains the action hero's enhanced abilities. The basic problem with this mode lies in the fact that a relatively good player will most likely remain action hero indefinitely--the extra advantages given to this player include the ability to regenerate health, so unless other players successfully gang up against him, he'll reign supreme.

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