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Take-A-Break Dell Crosswords

Take-A-Break Dell Crosswords
Take-A-Break Dell Crosswords




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Release Date: 10/11/1993
Manufacturer: Sierra
Donated By: Pat Foley
Take-A-Break with Crosswords provides hours of fun!
  • 750 mind-bending crossword puzzles- choose your level of difficulty: Apprentice, Puzzler or Fanatic.
  • Try your hand at over 20 challenging specialty puzzles.

All the challenge of your favorite Dell Magazine puzzles and more!

  • An original musical score with crazy sound effects and digitized speech.
  • Brilliant animated graphics and your choice of gorgeous puzzle designs.
  • Increase the challenge and excitement by competing with the clock for bonus points.
  • Check your answers instantly with Auto-check, or get hints with the press of a button.
  • The entire puzzle is on screen at all times.
  • Print out blank or partially finished puzzles for puzzling on the go.
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