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Kids Collection (The)

Kids Collection (The)
Kids Collection (The)

SystemWindows 95/98

Electronic Arts

Windows 95/98

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Release Date: 10/21/2003
Manufacturer: Electronic Arts
The Kids Collection by Electronic Arts is an exciting compilation of six complete PC games for kids. Games include Sim Theme Park, LEGO Soccer Mania, LEGO Island Xtreme Stunts, SimSafari, Sim Town, and Sim Coaster.
  • Sim Theme Park:

    Step right up to the main attraction! It's your very own theme park, complete with all the fantastic attractions, crazy coasters, and loony visitors of your favorite getaway. SimTheme Park delivers unbeatable thrills, laughs, and surprises. Start by selecting your theme, then build out your park as you see fit. Not enough salt in the fries? Add more. Lines too long at the go-cart track? Build another. And why not add another loop to that roller coaster? It's your theme park, run it your way. Just be sure you're still making money and your staff doesn't go on strike.

  • LEGO Soccer Mania:

    LEGO Soccer Mania lets you play soccer the way you want. Customize your own LEGO mini-figure teams and challenge the opposition. Use amazing power-ups in hilarious matches across action-packed, theme LEGO environments. It's an adventure that takes you from the frozen Arctic to the rugged Wild West, and even to the rocky, red deserts of Mars. No matter where you are or what planet you're on, this game will test all your soccer skills and strategy.

  • LEGO Island Xtreme Stunts:

    When movie moguls pick LEGO Island as the location for their new action-adventure film, they sign Pepper Roni as their lead stuntman. In five action-packed extreme stunt games, kids play as Pepper Roni and race to each shooting location on a skateboard or in one of 14 LEGO vehicles--if they've passed all their driving tests. Kids can build all LEGO Island Xtreme Stunts vehicles from real LEGO pieces, and customize all the game's environments and characters.

  • Sim Safari:

    Sim Safari lets you develop a balanced ecosystem by creating a park filled with diverse African plants and animals. Team up with a neighboring village and build a flourishing safari camp. You can place selected animals and plants in your park, as well as modify the terrain with a bulldozer and water tools. But remember, adding water costs money. And keep in mind that animals need food, so make sure grass-eating animals have grasses and shrubs. Carnivores will require other animals to eat for food. It's your job to make sure the delicate balance of nature is maintained.

  • Sim Town:

    The town you build yourself. Sim Town introduces ecology and economics in a creative, engaging simulation. Build streets, houses, businesses, public services, and parks. Great for kids ages 6 to 10.

  • Sim Coaster:

    Remain seated and keep your hands on the keyboard at all times--you're about to experience the most gut-wrenching, face-twisting, pulse-pounding roller coasters of all time. That's because you build and ride them in Sim Coaster. In Sim Coaster you'll create the theme park of your dreams with 200 rides, roller coasters, sideshows, and shops in three distinct themes. Along the way, you'll research new rides, hire a staff, avoid bankruptcy, and progress through 15 challenging levels of play. An easy-to-use interface and stunning 3-D graphics make it fun to create and enjoy the most outrageously exciting rides that anyone has ever seen. There's a new thrill around every corner!

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