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AppleWorks 5

AppleWorks 5
AppleWorks 5




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Release Date: 9/21/1998
Manufacturer: Apple
AppleWorks refers to two different office suite products, both of which are now discontinued. Originally, AppleWorks was an integrated software package for the Apple II platform, released in 1984 by Apple Computer. In 1998, the name AppleWorks was repurposed by Apple following its elimination of its Claris subsidiary, which marketed a software package for Macintosh and Windows named ClarisWorks. At one time, AppleWorks was bundled with all consumer-level Macs sold by Apple.

As of August 15, 2007, AppleWorks has reached end-of-life status, and is no longer being sold. Word processing, spreadsheet, and presentation applications with capabilities similar to AppleWorks are currently sold as the iWork suite.

This particular piece of software works on both the Macintosh and Windows 95 platforms.

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