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Immortal (The)

Immortal (The)
Immortal (The)

Floppy (3.5")2

Electronic Arts


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Release Date: 1/1/1990
Manufacturer: Electronic Arts
Donated By: Michael Kukuk
The Immortal is an isometric adventure game originally created for the Apple IIGS, which was ported to the Amiga, Atari ST, MS DOS based PCs, NES, and Mega Drive/Genesis. The main plot revolves around a wizard attempting to find his mentor in a large and dangerous labyrinth.

The game is known for its high degree of graphic violence (much reduced in the NES version) along with its punishing difficulty.

The music for Apple IIgs version was made by Douglas Fulton. On some conversions Rob Hubbard and Michael Bartlow are credited.

Will Harvey had started development on an Apple II game to be called "Campaign", intending it to be an online multiplayer RPG. As the story developed, it became a single player game only.

The game begins with the player in control of an unnamed wizard. In the first room, the player is given the option of viewing the image of the character's mentor, another wizard named Mordamir. He is calling for help from deep below in the labyrinth, though he is attempting to communicate to another man named Dunric.

The two main types of creatures present in the dungeon are the goblins and the trolls, who are at war with one another. This is a minor plot element in the game. Depending on the player's actions in the earlier stages of the game, it is also possible for the main character to form an alliance with one of these races.

The majority of the story is revealed through dream sequences triggered when the main character rests on straw beds placed throughout the labyrinth. It is eventually revealed that Mordamir is battling against a dragon at the Fountain of Youth. The plot of the game undergoes a twist when the main character finds Dunric having been trapped by Mordamir. In the end, the main character is forced to make a decision on whom to aid, the Dragon or Mordamir.

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