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Amiga OS 1.1

Amiga OS 1.1
Amiga OS 1.1

Floppy (3.5")4



Release Date: 1/1/1986
Manufacturer: Commodore
Donated By: Michael Kukuk
Workbench 1.0 was released for the first time in October 1985. The 1.x series of Workbench defaults to a distinctive blue and orange color scheme, designed to give high contrast on even the worst of television screens (the colors can be changed by the user). Versions 1.1 consists mostly of bug fixes and, like version 1.0, was distributed only for the Amiga 1000. The entire Workbench operating system consists of three floppy disks: Kickstart, Workbench and ABasic by MetaComCo.

The Amiga 1000 model needs a Kickstart disk to be inserted into floppy drive to boot up. An image of a simple illustration of a hand on a white screen, holding a blue Kickstart floppy, invited the user to perform this operation. After the kickstart was loaded into a special section of memory called the writable control store (WCS), the image of the hand appeared again, this time inviting the user to insert the Workbench disk.

The 1.1 release also included the free extra disk from Electronic Arts called "Kaleidoscope" which was actually a sample of a program called "PolyScope".

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